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    International Branches

    It's time to get ambitious

    With the historic Paris Agreement, we made a promise to the future. A promise that we’d confront the climate crisis as one planet and keep global warming below 2°C.

    But the agreement as it stands now won’t get us to 2°C. What will is a world working together and getting ambitious about climate action. Everywhere and in every sector of society.

    At Climate Reality, we’re here to make that happen. Our branches in 10 strategic countries and regions mobilize thousands of Climate Reality Leader activists to raise awareness of the climate threat in communities worldwide and turn up the pressure on leaders to act.

    Building Understanding

    The first step to solving a problem is understanding it. And today, even as more and more people around the world live with sweltering heat and deadlier storms, too few fully understand the connection between fossil fuels and climate change.

    Our branches are here to connect the dots. Through workshops, digital media, outreach events, and more, branches help communities across the Earth understand the crisis transforming their lives and the solutions in our hands today. And when people understand what the crisis means for them, they understand it’s time for ambitious action.


    World leaders reaching the Paris Agreement was just the first step. To keep global warming at 2°C or less, every sector of society has to get truly ambitious about climate action.

    This means national leaders aggressively increasing their Paris Agreement commitments. Businesses embracing real sustainability. Communities going 100 percent renewable. Everyday people getting behind them every step of the way.

    We don’t have time to wait. That’s why our branches are working on every front to drive this process forward. They’re joining forces with policymakers and business leaders to set bolder and bolder goals for climate action. Just as important, they’re building powerful grassroots movements to force change and turn promises into practical solutions.